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who gave us the right way
Go to Ms. Rokeya Sultana

Ms. Rokeya Sultana

Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Business Administration

BBA, MBA in Accounting & Information Systems, DU

Go to MD. Jamal Hossain

MD. Jamal Hossain

Senior Lecturer, Statistics

BSc.(Hons.), MS. (Statistics), University of Dhaka

Go to MD. Helal Uddin

MD. Helal Uddin

Senior Lecturer, Economics

BSS, MSS (Economics)-DU, Lecturer in Economics

Team Leaders

Think outside the world

Abdullah Al Maruf

President of MIUCC

Leadership can increase your ability to get results from others. Present day trends with leadership are built around the ability to engage people and coach your team. The following series of leadership slogans that have been used by others will help to motivate you to succeed.

MD. Ismail Hossain

IT Department Head of MIUCC
Web site Designer & Developer, Programmer,
If you’re stepping into technical management, you need to get out of the code base and make peace with feeling like you’re not getting anything done. Because you are. “Keep this truth top of mind.“

TM Hammad Rahgir

Song Department Head of MIUCC

When you need life advice, sometimes you need look no further than to your favorite artist. They just have a way of expressing wisdom so poetically or snappily that your life can’t help but improve a little bit each time they bless you with the power of song.

Sheikh Mohammed Nayeem

Drama Department Head of MIUCC

Quite often, auditionees make their own character the only focus of the monologue. Get used to including the other person in your thinking and ideas, from early work right up to and including the execution of your audition. They, the other person, should be constantly involved.

Shahorier Rifat

Art Department Head of

Art is a general term that defines the ability for an individual to creatively express their imagination in a visual form such as a painting or sculpture.